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Extraordinary Followers of Christ

Our passion is to see people thrive in life, to become all that God made them to be. Believing that a relationship with Jesus Christ is absolutely vital to this, our mission is to transform ordinary people into extraordinary followers of Christ. This is why Thrive exists.

We want to be the church for those people who feel like they just don’t fit anywhere else, for people who have given up on a church for one reason or another. So many times we’ve heard, “I’ve tried the church thing and I’m not into what I’ve seen.” We want people to walk away saying, “I didn’t know church could be like this!”

The vision of Thrive Church is to show people church like they’ve never seen it so that they can experience life like they’ve never imagined.

In order to realize this, we are focusing on three key things that we desire to be: Relevant, Relational, and Revolutionary. This is what Thrive needs to look like.

We want to be relevant for the culture we find ourselves in. We will talk about issues and topics that connect with everyday life and in a way that anyone could understand. Our atmosphere will be casual, and our music will push the envelope.

We aspire to be relational: we want people to come as they are and know that they will be loved and embraced as is. Church is not only what happens during a service it is who we are in relationship to each other and the community everyday. We will embrace a down-to-earth spiritual authenticity, one that is genuine and transparent.

We want to see revolutionary change happen in Fond Du Lac, starting with our own lives. We want to be risk-taking and innovative in the effort to see people’s lives transformed by Jesus. We don’t want to just survive and hold services. We want to make a difference in the world.

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