Most people’s first contact with Thrive is a weekend service but no matter what someone’s entry point is we want to see them become a follower of Christ.

At Thrive you will hear us say it takes three to thrive. In addition to participating in worship together on Sunday mornings, we encourage everyone to grow as a follower of Jesus, and use their gifts and talents to serve both within Thrive and in Fond du Lac at large.

Ultimately, we want to see everyone who calls Thrive home align their lives to this critical rhythm: worshipping, growing, and serving together.

The best way to grow is to get connected with other people around that purpose. At Thrive we encourage everyone to be a part of what we call Life Groups. Here’s more information on Life Groups.

Serve Teams are opportunities to help meet practical needs in two ways: at Thrive and in Fond du Lac at large. Both are extremely important. Thrive can operate because ordinary people use their gifts and skills in serving God. We encourage people who call Thrive home to pick an area that interests them.

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